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Backpack for Travel and Trek

As I previously wrote, for our trip to Peru this year we’ve chosen to get backpacks to see if we can minimize what little we bring even more. I received lots of great suggestions from the last post that I will be researching. However, before my last post I ordered a Kelty Redwing 44 based off a recommendation from a blog I read, Wandering Earl. He uses the Kelty Redwing 50, but the dimensions on that pack don’t meet the requirements for carry-on size, so I went with the smaller pack to be safe.

I like the ruggedness of the Kelty and its design is able to be used on treks. We enjoy hiking and having been training for the trek on the Inca Trail, so I wanted something a little more rugged than a travel pack. Hopefully we’ll continue to take treks, so that makes the type of backpack more important.

For Peru I’m excited about not dragging around a case over uneven roads and trying to squeeze it into public transportation. There is some hesitation though on whether I will be able to fit what I want to bring into the backpack. To test the pack and see if I’ll be able to get what I want in the pack I did a trial packing with a rough draft of what I’ll be bringing with me on our trip to Peru. It will be winter during our time in Peru, so I’ll be brining layers of clothes to keep warm, but also to save space in the backpack. For this trial run I packed:

  • Two pairs of pants
  • Three long sleeve shirts
  • Three t-shirts
  • Fleece pullover
  • Jacket
  • Underwear and socks


The final measurements of the backpack with all of the clothes packed was 20″ long x 15″ wide x 9″ high which would meet the carry-on requirements for American Airlines.

DSC04326 DSC04327

Pros of the Kelty:

  • It’s comfortable to wear
  • It is zippered, so all of the contents of the bag are accessible
  • It has multiple handles, so it can be picked-up easily from different angles
  • It has several inner pouches and zip pockets


  • Holy straps Batman! The pack has like 8 straps hanging off of it
  • With all of the straps and appendages it’s not as sleek as some of the travel packs I have looked at

At this point I’m impressed in how easily all of my clothes fit into this pack and how comfortable it is to wear. The straps allow me to compress the pack, but there seems to be way too many of them and I can picture them getting caught in doors or conveyor belts. The travel packs appear to be much sleeker, but I wonder about their ruggedness for trekking, so back to Google to research more items before our trip in June.


What are your thoughts?

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