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Favorite Photo Friday: Ice Climbers

When you travel there can be surprises around every corner.

Ice Climbing in Georgia

Ice Climbing in Georgia

While visiting Helen, Georgia during our winter break we spent a wonderful morning driving up a mountain road outside of town. We decided to drive to the top to enjoy the “snow” that was still on the ground from the previous night’s flurries. When we arrived at the top we parked to admire the Appalachian Mountains spreading out before us. To my astonishment, someone wearing crampons walked by. Curiosity compelled me to follow him discreetly. What I found was a quartet of climbers scaling a frozen rock face just off the side of the road. I stood and smiled while taking pictures of the unexpected scene. Eventually the cold drove us to the comfort of our car, but not before taking time to marvel in the serendipitous way we came across this unique scene.


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