Machu Picchu, Peru, Travel

Travel Day!!

We leave for Peru this afternoon! We just finished packing the bags and going over our various checklists to make sure we have what we think we’ll need for our trip. This is our first trip with only backpacks, so the packing list kept getting cut down once we started putting the items into the backpacks. I’m excited to see how traveling with only backpacks goes for us during the trip. It’s one more step in our continual effort to travel smarter and more mobile. We are bringing a lot of new items on this trip and I’m hoping to review some of them on the blog after we get back to see what worked and what we could improve on.

Also, I haven’t decided if I’m going to blog on the road or not. This is my first big trip since starting the blog, but if I have the time and feel comfortable I may drop a quick tidbit here and there. I’ve outlined our stops in Peru on the map below. Off to make one more sweep of the house to double-check things and then to bed to try and get some sleep!


What are your thoughts?

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