The Prodigal Blogger Returns?

Have you missed me? Probably not. Where’d I go? My wife and I moved to China over two years ago to teach English and to explore new parts of the world. Now we’re back and I stumbled upon this old blog that I created. The first attempt at this blog was to push myself to try something new and hope that it led to something more in the future. The reason I didn’t keep the blog up has nothing to do with the Great Chinese Firewall blocking this site (though it did). My writing started to decrease several months before we even decided to start to look for a job in China. Like most attempts to start a new habit you start off with grand ideas and then as the initial excitement wears off and life gets in the way the new habit slowly fades. It was exciting to share information on our then current travels to Peru, but after we got back it felt difficult to find something worth posting about in daily life and that’s when the excitement started to wane.

Is my life more exciting now you may ask. Well, I guess we’ll see. Right now we’re in a stage that we’re calling “Funemployment” where we’re not working and exploring self-improvement through various outlets, which is where you come in my faithful reader. Something I wanted to do was to improve in my photography and my writing and here is where I hope to share in both of those experiences. I can talk travel and share some photos from our two years in China. And hopefully that reaches you in some small way.

So, here we go……again.


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