What if…

Just about this time two years ago, was the time when we decided to go from someday to now. It stretched our boundaries and pushed who we are. We had talked about it in one way or another over the previous four or five years. It always sounded so exotic. “Let’s move to another country. We could teach English and travel around.” There would be a trill of excitement and then the fall as we remember some barrier. “Yeah, but I need to finish school.” or “I’m still a year away from my license and I don’t want to start over.” So moving abroad was always left to Someday.

Then it dawned on me one day that if we never put the plan in motion, if we never researched where we would work or where we could live, Someday would never come. So to welcome 2014, I looked at our situation. I had finished my licensure, so it was set for three years at least and my wife had just finished her reading endorsement for teaching, so for the first time in our six and a half years of marriage we were both working with no extra responsibilities. So we gathered up all of our courage and leapt, knowing that if we didn’t our Someday would become a “what if” when we reflected back on our life.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt, Someday


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