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Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitude

Being raised in a small, rural town I could find solitude any time I desired. Get in the car and drive to a park or go for a stroll around the country roads. I enjoyed the solitude, especially at night; sitting alone, looking at the stars, and contemplating life. Then we moved to Guangzhou, one of the most populous places on the planet. No more solitude and with all of the light polution, no more stars to admire. Homesickness for me wasn’t a constant longing for home, it was a sharp wave of something lacking at random times. For example, a sudden desire to eat at your favorite Mexican restaurant or wanting to go to a movie with friends. One of the most constant creator of homesickness for me was the desire to just sit alone, in silence and look at the stars. So, imagine the joy and almost palpable relief I felt our first night camping in Australia, when laid out before me was the largest blanket of stars I could have ever imagined.
So there I sat in solitude, but feeling more connected than I had ever been. dsc01321

In response to The Daily Post’s prompt, Solitude


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