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My first foray into night photography

During this period of time we’re calling funemployment, one of my goals was to hone my photography skills. To that end, I purchased a tripod to experiment with night photography and using slow shutter speeds.

ghost-cakesIn this photo, I was intrigued by the young teens selling these “pan cakes” out of their cart. I was really drawn to the writing on the sign and the way the light fell on the cart. While I was setting up the tripod my wife went to buy a pancake, so she ended up being a nice piece to the composition. The movement effect was totally by accident as I had not had enough practice yet as to gauge the shutter speed I would need for the photo, but I’m pleasantly surprised with this accidental blurring of the teens.

road-raceOne of the first things I wanted to try out with the tripod was the light streaks created by flowing traffic. However I knew that having something stationary in the picture would enhance it, so we walked around George Town looking for some traffic and something stationary that could prove to be striking. While this street sign and planter aren’t the most exotic objects, I still enjoyed this composition of the cars taking the curve with the sign in front.

moon-over-neonI was drawn out of my hotel by the full moon shining brightly over Hong Kong. I just so happened down a street that lined up some interesting neon signs that I could put in juxtaposition with the natural light of the moon. Unfortunately my lack of familiarity with night photography hindered me from getting the shot I wanted. I could never get the moon properly infocus, so this is a technique I will continue to work on and hopefully improve in the coming months.

clouds-movingHere again I was experimenting at capturing the moon over Hong Kong that same night. In my attempts to gain a proper shot of the moon I wound up with this somewhat interesting look at the clouds streaking in front of it framed by the high-rise apartments.

So these were some of my first attempts at nighttime photography. I hope to improve as I get more experience with it. If you have any suggestions or you just want to share what you think I’d appreciate it.


11 thoughts on “My first foray into night photography

  1. bkcitta says:

    Very nice! Love the motion of your wife and vendors in first photo. The streaming of lights is nicely done. The moon photos are great..liked the fact you captured the electrical/phone lines….impressed that this was your first time doing night photography!! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Janis says:

    Great job, Dustin! Your compositions are very good. I like the streaks of light on the highway. And the moon photos especially. Good job.

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