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Weekly Photo Challenge: A Good Match


A good match: sun, nature, and bikes

At my job in China I needed to answer a questionnaire for my “teacher’s board” that would allow the students to get to know me better. One of the questions was to describe my perfect day. I characterized my perfect day as a cool, sunny, Florida day and being back home has allowed me to experience those days again.

This past week we loaded up our bikes and headed for part of the Withlacoochee Trail, which is a lovely 46-mile paved bike path through the heart of Florida and right in our neck of the woods. We packed a small lunch, our camera, and headed out on a glorious ride. Some of the trees here have been tricked into thinking it’s springtime, so we encountered some luminous shades of green growth overhead. We also happened upon a variety of wildlife; plodding gopher tortoises, screeching red-shouldered hawks, and a fluttering rainbow of butterflies. All in all, it was perfect day.

In response to The Daily Post’s prompt, A Good Match


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