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Weekly Photo Challenge: The Road Taken


Road through the mountains near Wanaka, New Zealand

Before traveling around New Zealand, I read a quote to the equivalent of: “You see a landscape that takes your breath away and you think, this is the most beautiful landscape I’ll ever see and then you drive around the corner and that’s the most beautiful landscape you’ll ever see, and repeat for the entire country.” Having now driven all around both islands I can fully agree with that statement. The lush green hills, the snow-capped peaks, and rich blue lakes make you want to stop driving around every corner and just soak it all in. We have an abundance of pictures that hopefully I’ll be sharing in the near future. In the meantime, let me know in the comments what are some of the most majestic landscapes you’ve ever seen.

Written in response to The Daily Post’s prompt The Road Taken


5 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: The Road Taken

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  2. I’m sure I would fall in love with New Zealand if I were to ever visit. I really loved Iceland when I visited a few years back. I think I will have to say, where I live, in the San Juan Mountains of Western Colorado is the most beautiful … I’ve no need to travel!

    • We often overlook our home, but if I’m honest I feel the same about Florida. Though I have a friend in Colorado now, so I might need to make a trip out that way.

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