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Dusk on the main beach of Straddie

Before picking up our campervan and journeying to Cairns we made a stop in Brisbane, with the intention to visit North Stradbroke Island or Straddie as the locals call it. Looking back on this part of the trip I certainly wished we’d had more time to explore Brisbane and the surrounding area. As it was, we only had one afternoon to spend on Straddie. It just goes to show, that time is never enough when you’re traveling, whether it’s a three day weekend or a four month trip.


View of the main beach from the gorge walk

Even with this limited time, Straddie was a place we wanted to make sure to see based on the scenic pictures we had seen during our research of the area. Taking the passenger ferry over, we caught the main bus on the island to Headland Park, on the northeast point of the island. From the park you can walk out to the main beach, which appeared to be a haven for surfers or take a pretty leisurely stroll along the Gorge Walk.


Rocks jutting out into the sea

We started out taking the gorge walk, which provides some stunning lookouts from the cliffsides. During our walk we encountered a few inquisitive locals hopping around. On some of the land that juts out into the sea you can climb down to some rock outcroppings and watch the waves crash onto the rocks or strain your eyes out to sea to catch a glimpse of a passing whale.


Some hoppy locals

After our walk around the gorge we made our way to the main beach which just appeared to stretch on infinitely. Near the headland the beach was the domain of quite a few surfers riding the pounding surf. Once you left the lifeguard area the beach became deserted. We walked along the beach enjoying the serenity of the twilight in almost full isolation before rushing back to catch the last bus to the ferry.


Enjoying the solitude on the beach

The sea, stone, and beach make Straddie a magical place, even in just a short time. The colors create a harmonious feeling that just entice you to sit back and relax. I hope that one day we’ll be able to travel back to Straddie and give it the time it deserves.

What about you, where is it in your travels that you’ve only had a short time to visit, but nevertheless it left a special imprint on you?


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