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Australian Wildlife Hunt

I was really looking forward to searching for wildlife in Australia. I knew we were going to be there for at least a month and in different habitats, so I was hoping to find a lot of the wildlife, well, in the wild. As I mentioned in another post I really enjoy seeking out wildlife and feel that I have a knack for it. With that in mind a created a list of animals to pursue, with some of the animals being added later as a I heard about them while on our trip.

That list:

  • Kangaroo
  • Koala
  • Tasmanian Devil
  • Crocodile
  • Platypus
  • Shark
  • Sea turtle
  • Cassowary
  • Echidna
  • Quokka
  • Wallaby
  • Dingo
  • Goanna
  • Brumby

I can happily report that I got to see all all of them, but two,tasmanian devil and quokka, we didn’t see in the wild. It was such a joy to see all these unique creatures in their natural habitats living out life. Probably the greatest thrill of all the encounters was having a blacktip reef shark swim under us as we were snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef.

Some of our pictures of the various creatures around Australia.


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