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Favorite Photo Friday:Dusk

Pier at sunset

I took this picture on a recent getaway to Sarasota. I had absentmindedly forgotten my tripod at the hotel, but fortunately, since I’ve only recently gotten the tripod I’ve developed quite the skill for using available objects as a tripod. Therefore, I placed my camera on a small curb to get this shot. It took a few attempts to get the settings right, but I think using the low curb actually gave the picture a different perspective that I find alluring. So, here’s to remembering the tripod next time, but also remembering to look for new perspectives.


2 thoughts on “Favorite Photo Friday:Dusk

  1. Janis says:

    Very nice! Not often we get views that almost look up under the pier. Our first visit to a Sarasota Beach was last week- Siesta. Good beach.

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