WPC: Dense

Dense, let’s talk about the thickness of the air in the world’s oldest rainforest, Daintree. Everything here seems to weigh down on you. The air brimming with humidity. The trees towering over you like they would have over other visitors millions of years ago. The foliage cramming into every free space available. The wildlife scurrying here or there, shattering the silence with shrill calls and a jumble of noises. Lastly, the silence. Those moments when the rainforest takes a pause and everything in the forest holds its collective breath. Yeah, I’d say that Daintree is dense and that density still weighs on my heart and mind.

Daintree Stream
Boulder-strewn stream in Mossman Gorge

Mossman Gorge

The elusive Cassowary
Overgrown trees
Strangler Fig consuming enveloping another tree
Secret pool
A quiet secluded pool

Climbing vines

Cape Trib Ferry
Daintree Ferry

Written in response to The Daily Post’s prompt Dense.


16 thoughts on “WPC: Dense

  1. Dustin your descriptive use of words to your photographic travels gives the reader the feeling of being there. A continued pleasure to those who cannot travel or roam this earth.

    1. Thank you so much Lee. I try really hard to evoke some type of emotion with my pictures and writing, so I’m happy to hear that it’s coming through!

  2. Those are terrfic photos. There isn’t one that doesn’t speak of its subjects having been rooted there over the centuries . Despite the density, there’s room for such a wide variety of life forms, each adding their opwn special character to the scene. Thank you.

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