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Wallaman Falls

Moonrise over the falls

Moonrise over Wallaman Falls

Let’s continue along our road trip through Queensland. As I mentioned previously, we love waterfalls. So if you have the opportunity to see the country’s tallest single-drop waterfall, you take it.  As with all the parks and campsites we visited in Queensland, the area surrounding Wallaman Falls is gorgeous. We arrived just in time to witness a beautiful sunset over the land and the rising of a full moon over the falls. It was one of those moments that center you and make you happy to be alive. You don’t have to travel to have those moments, but I do find that I’m more open and receptive to those moments when I’m traveling. Most likely because I’m removed from the everyday stress and monotony.


Beautiful fiery sunset at the park

Like when we were searching for platypus in Eungella National Park, there was a campsite in the park itself, so we were able to spend the night in these beautiful surroundings and have access to the falls. That enabled us to not only see the sunset, but also to wake up before sunrise and hike down to the falls.

Bottom of the falls

At the base of the falls

We woke up nice and early to avoid the heat and witness the awakening of the forest with the rising sun. The hike down wasn’t too arduous and the trail is well worn. Unfortunately, you can’t get too close to the falls because it’s surrounded by incredibly slippery rocks. There are loads of warning signs to keep a safe distance and even if, like us, you still try it, you won’t get too far before deciding to admire the falls from a distance instead of breaking your neck. We got to the base just in time to behold the sunlight hitting the mouth of the waterfall and the cliffs surrounding it. The light created beautiful changes in hue as it slowly crept down from the highest point of the falls. We took gobs of pictures trying to capture the minute changes in light and color.


View of Wallaman Falls from above

After satisfying our photobug tendencies we started the long march back up the cliffs. It was slow going, especially with the heat and humidity creeping in. On our way up we encountered the only other people in the whole falls area as a family of four were making their way down to the base. We exchanged pleasantries and told them that it was well worth the hike to witness the power and majesty of the waterfall. Reaching the top we caught our breath took in the view of Wallaman once more and retired to our van for a well deserved breakfast.

Wallaman falls

View of Wallaman Falls from the trail


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