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After spending a blissful two days in Hallstatt we traveled east into Slovakia. We didn’t really know what to expect from our time there, so we were pleasantly surprised when the quaint, yet bustling historic city greeted us. We spent about three days total in KošiceWe absolutely adored the city center. It had a large pedestrian area that was filled with old architecture and some nice green spaces. The crown jewel in the middle of the city is the St. Elisabeth Cathedral. The original church located there was destroyed in a fire in 1380, so they then decided to build a grand cathedral and started construction on St. Elisabeth. Since its original construction the cathedral has also gone through several periods of reconstruction, most notable of which started back in 1978 and was still ongoing during our visit. From the bell tower atop the cathedral you get a wonderful view of the main street and its grandeur.


The roof of the cathedral

View from the tower2

View of the park and State Theater from the bell tower

Near the cathedral is the State Theater, which unfortunately was on summer break during our visit. However, we were still able to tour the interior on an English tour, which we had to ourselves. The ornate halls and plush seating were exquisite. We had never actually been inside of an opera house like this so it was quite the sight to behold.

State theater

The back of the State Theater

Inside the state theater

The interior of the State Theater

After visiting the two main sites we were just free to stroll along the pedestrian area. We stopped in Aida Confectionery located in what was previously the Palace of Andrássy. The shop had a delightful array pastries, which we did our best to sample. While popping in and out of cute boutique stores we noticed that everyone appeared to be eating ice cream. Young, old, families together, businessmen in suits, so we felt it our obligation to join in and bought some delightful ice cream to enjoy while sitting in the park.

We loved our time in Kosice and highly recommend it. It also is a great base to explore eastern part of Slovakia from as well, which I’ll write about more next week.


8 thoughts on “Košice

  1. This is a beautiful part of Europe, unfortunately made invisible through most of the last century. I’d spent half a day walking through the city when I was a student, and thought it would look beautiful if it was restored. Wonderful that it is being restored. Your photos show how lovely it is.

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