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WPC: Nitmiluk National Park

Gorge sign

Unique gorge sign

We got quite the surprise during our overnight stay in Nitmiluk National Park. We woke to a small group of wallabies surrounding our tent. They appear to be a fixture in this campsite as they happily bounded between campers and caravans. One of them got so close that it looked like it was going to jump into our tent, which truly would have been a surprising sight. Staring wallaby

Checking it out

Curious wallaby looking at jumping into our tent

The Gorge itself is a wondrous area with beautiful hiking trails and stunning lookouts. We enjoyed our after breakfast hike and the stunning views from atop the gorge.

Soaking in the view

Taking a break in the limited shade enjoying the view

Beautiful skies

Beautiful blue skies over the hiking trail

Atop the gorge

Beautiful view down the gorge


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