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The Whitsundays are a magical, can’t miss destination if you’re traveling Down Under. Our tour guide told us that they were the third most photographed place in Aussie and once you arrive you can see why. The islands and their beaches, in particular Whitehaven Beach, are definitely an “It” thing online. Stunning pictures of the area fill up my Instagram feed and there are countless posts online about them, so much so that I debated on posting about our visit. However, the pictures are just too nice to hold back,  so I think I’ll just let them do the talking for me.

Sailing the Whitsundays

Sailing out to the islands


Whitehaven Beach

View from the Hill Inlet Lookout

Whitehaven Beach2

The edge of Whitehaven Beach leading into Hill Inlet

WH Beach

On the beach

On the beach below the lookout

Us on the beach

Us enjoying the pristine waters


8 thoughts on “Whitsundays

    • I feel the same way when people post about trips in the US. I think there’s a thought process that home will always be there, but you may have limited opportunities to see something abroad.

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