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WPC: Wanderlust in the Outback

Uluru signWhen I think about travel, I think about visiting new, exciting places. Places that can awaken the senses and touch your spirit. Uluru was definitely one of those places for me. The sheer awesomeness of this rock being formed in this vast nothingness over the years into such a unique shape, crisscrossed with wild patterns. The first evening there I was just awed by the way Uluru’s color changes seemingly by the second as the sun dips below the horizon. I was so enraptured that my wife had to gently drag me away as the park was closing. For the next three days I couldn’t take my eyes away, everywhere we drove I just stared endlessly. We took in the views from every direction, stopping in random spots to see what it looked like from this angle. We took pictures from so far away you could barely see it, to right next to it with our camera mere inches away. I tried my best to capture the majesty of it all in the pictures I’m sharing here, though they fall short. The fine details, the colors, the way the stone seems to be alive. Being able to be in the presence of something this special creates a strong wanderlust in me, what creates that for you?

Sunrise at UluruUluru treeUluru detailsUluru details2Uluru details3


10 thoughts on “WPC: Wanderlust in the Outback

  1. I was just speaking with a friend about our trip to Uluru – so far from anywhere but so magical! She asked if I’d suggest she go there during her Aussie trip. I said absolutely. Would I go back, probably not but would I skip it in my Aussie adventure? Absolutely NOT! Thanks for the lovely memory.

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