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Reflecting on Location

Loads of people get up in the dark hours of the morning to watch the sun rise over Angkor Wat. It’s an awe inspiring experience that you can’t miss.

Sunrise photos

The hordes of people at the northern pool


In front of the main temple are two reflecting pools, the north pool and south pool. I don’t remember if that’s their official names, but that’s how I remember them. Apparently the place to be at sunrise is the northern pool. I’m not too keen on giant crowds of people, especially at a time when I should be warm and snuggly in bed, so I opted for the southern pool. There were easily less than a quarter of the people there and it was just a much more relaxing experience. Plus, with a setting like this it’s hard to take a bad picture.

Angkor sunrise

Pink hues before sunrise

Angkor sunrise2

Orange hues taking over


Sun peaking out over the temple


4 thoughts on “Reflecting on Location

  1. Wow, you really had a beautiful sunrise. We did that last year but unfortunately it was very cloudy and there were no colours to take pictures of. Still, it’s nice to be in Angkor Wat when it’s not so crowded 🙂

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