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WPC: Cultural Heritage in Shawan Village (沙湾古镇)

Liugeng Hall Shawancun

Liugeng Hall 留耕堂

While we lived in China we did the best we could to try and see places of interest both near and far. We would spend our days off looking for interesting places to visit and one of the first places we discovered was Shawan Ancient Village. The village was built over 800 years ago during the Song Dynasty and is full of unique heritage buildings.

Liugeng Hall, Shawancun

Liugeng Hall (留耕堂)

Wok handle buildings

Wok handle-shaped roofs, a key feature of Lingnan architecture

We enjoyed meandering through the narrow pathways, discovering something new around every corner. We paused with young students who wanted to take pictures with us, still new to the fame of being a foreigner in China. We sampled delectable bites offered at various restaurants. My personal favorite being Shuang Pi Nai (双皮奶) or double-skin milk, which can best be compared to a warm custard.

It was a great experience during our first few months in China and I’m sad that we never went back with greater appreciation and understanding of our adopted country.

Oyster shell wall

Oyster shell walls built during the Ming Dynasty

Incense coils

Incense coils inside Yuxu Palace 玉虚宫


8 thoughts on “WPC: Cultural Heritage in Shawan Village (沙湾古镇)

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  2. A fascinating place. You’ve isolated some interesting architectural details. And there’s almost no-one in your first photo! That’s unusual for China. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Thanks. Yes, my students used to ask me all the time how I got pictures without people in them and I told them patience and the ability to be somewhere when everyone else is someplace else. So the first shot was dinner time, so everyone was home eating. 🙂

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