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WPC: Evanescent Aoraki/Mt. Cook

We thought we’d never actually get to see Aoraki/Mt. Cook. When we arrived to the park it was raining. When we woke up it was raining. When we started on the Hooker Valley Track, it had stopped raining, momentarily, but started back up after the first bend.

Hooker Valley

Clouds hanging over the Hooker Valley Track

It was hard not to feel down. Cold and rainy is no way to go through life. However, as we neared the end of our hike, patches of blue started to appear in the sky. We got the slightest peek of the sun while we sat down to cook lunch. However, Aoraki/Mt. Cook remained shy, hiding behind its own blanket of clouds.

Shrouded Mt. Cook

Aoraki/Mt. Cook is behind there somewhere

We continued on with our day. Basking in the ever increasing sunlight. Marveling in the plethora of colors now illuminated for us. We put in a lot of miles hiking, so we decided to splurge on a dinner out. Just as we were leaving the restaurant, what did we spy, but the summit of Aoraki/Mt. Cook shining in all its glory.


Well hello there Aoraki/Mt. Cook

We soaked in this evanescent sight and recalled how just a few hours could change so much. I’m glad that we left the restaurant when we did, because just a few moments later, Aoraki/Mt. Cook put on a cap of lenticular clouds. That was our only chance to see the summit and I’m happy to have that memory, even if it’s fleeting.

Road to Mt. Cook

Road leading to Aoraki/Mt. Cook

Magnificent Mt. Cook

Lenticular clouds forming


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