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WPC: The Long Corridor (长廊)


View down the corridor. You can see that they were repainting, so the left side is perfect, while the right side is waiting for its touch up.

In China you can be overwhelmed by the chaos. The people, the traffic, the shops, but if you look around you can find plenty of order as well. The Long Corridor (长廊) located in the Summer Palace shows off that order. Originally built in 1750, so that the emperor’s mother could walk through the gardens without worrying about the weather, the corridor is over 700 meters long with four pavilions along its path. There are over 14,000 paintings on the corridor, so you could literally spend days appreciating them all. We didn’t examine all 14,000, but we enjoyed some of them while walking underneath the covered walkway. It was a fairly quiet afternoon because the weather was so bad, so we could take the opportunity to sit and soak in all of the elaborate work that went into building this impressive structure.


One of the four pavilions along the corridor

Curved walkway

The path is not completely straight as you can see the curve



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