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Journey into the Northern Territory Pt. 6: Uluru

Uluru sign

Let’s continue on our epic journey into the Northern Territory. After being forced on a detour to buy some cold weather supplies in Alice Springs, we finally turned off the Stuart Highway towards the legendary Red Center. We booked three nights in the Ayers Rock Campground located a mere 15km from Uluru itself and definitely worth every penny of the cost, which truth be told wasn’t really that expensive. We chose three nights because the pass for the national park is for three days and in addition, it would allow me the unforgettable experience of spending my birthday at one of the most iconic places on Earth.

As we continued further into the heart of Australia we both kept our eyes fixed on the horizon searching for the first glimpse of Uluru. As we drove endlessly I was transformed into a 5 year old, constantly asking if we were there yet. I feared that we would never actually get to see the rock, that it was some elaborate hoax played on us. Thankfully, eventually I was able to catch merest glimpse of Uluru way in the distance. From that distance it almost appeared purple instead of red, rising into the bright blue skies.

From a distance

Purple hue of Uluru from a distance

Now time was judged by the growth of Uluru in our windows. We spotted the turnoff for the campground and made our way to find a site. Check-in was incredibly smooth and we were able to find a place that had some slight shade from the blazing afternoon sun. After setting up camp and stretching our legs, we climbed back into the car to witness the sun setting.


Ticket to our bucket list

Blue skies

Standing firm under blue skies

Ridges and holes

Ridges and pockmarks along Uluru

Since we were fairly early we got a nice spot at one of the sunset lookouts and were just able to sit in quiet contemplation of this unique stone mountain. From our vantage point we could see the lines running down the stone face and various pockmarks in the stone. Then, as we watched, Uluru performed magic. Fantastically changing colors before our very eyes. Going through hues of red and orange, while finally settling into a deep brown color as the sun dipped below the horizon. Watching the light go and the color change on Uluru was definitely a highlight of our time spent in Australia.



Bright orange

Bright orange color

Sun setting

Colors changing as the sun sets

Sun gone

Brown color coming as the sun dips below the horizon

That’s enough for this post. Next week I’ll finish the series off with the remainder of our time in Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park. If you’re interested you can catch up with the previous parts of the series at the following links:


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