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Climbing Hua Shan (华山)


Hua Shan

When you follow the Soldier’s Path to the North Peak of Mt. Hua you can’t help but focus on the stairs! They climb on forever and at impossibly steep angles. I did my best to try and capture some of the ridiculous angles you climb on your way up.

Steep climb

Some stairs you almost crawl up

Climbing Huashan

More a carved ladder than stairs

Closed path

These vertical stairs were actually replaced by a more reasonable path


Up, up, up


19 thoughts on “Climbing Hua Shan (华山)

    • I do as well. There arms, shoulders, and legs are pure muscle and made me feel selfish for complaining about being sore after climbing up a mountain.

    • It was difficult, but we didn’t climb too many mountains in China, so I can’t compare it. We reached the North Peak, but didn’t have time to visit the other peaks.

      • I haven’t climbed Hua Shan. I have been to quite a few mountains, including climbing Tai Shan three times! Those stairs – incredible. Wudangshan was a bit like that, and stairs that had a huge – whatever you call it, the space between the stairs. bigger than normal stairs. imagine the guys that built the stairs and the temples on top of the mountains!

      • That’s an impressive list! I found all the stairs in China to be short steps, but the stairs in Peru were very tall. Moving all of that concrete must have been incredible difficult!

  1. When I read Hua Shan, first thought came to mind was Hong Kong martial art series that I watched when I was a kid. 🙂 Yeah, those are not steps, more like a ladder. You are brave to climb up there. Looks super steep and scary. Thanks for sharing that I may see the real Hua Shan.

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