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Journey into the Northern Territory Pt. 8 Final Day in the Red Center

Today we finally reach the epic conclusion to our Northern Territory series. On our final day in Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park we spent our time hiking around Kata Tjuta. The first hike was a fairly short walk into the Walpa Gorge. During this hike we saw an abundance of rare plants growing along the path.

Water hole

Water collecting in the Walpa Gorge


Interesting plant life in the gorge


Beautiful flowering tree

Completing that walk we ventured on the much more challengingĀ Valley of the Winds Walk. The walk takes you through a labyrinth of towering stone structures and the entire circuit takes 4-5 hours. We however cut it short due the heat of the day and our exhaustion from the previous day’s hike. On our walk, though we got to the two main lookouts at Karu and Karingana, the latter easily being my favorite view in this area.

Kata Tijuta

Views on the Valley of Winds Walk

Hiking to the lookout

Hiking up to Karingana Lookout

Kata Tjuta Lookout

Stunning view from Karingana Lookout

Uluru was the obvious choice for our last sunset, but this time we wanted to get up close and personal to the monolith. We drove past the crowds of people at the sunset lookout and headed for the Mala carpark, which is located right at the base of Uluru. We couldn’t believe how deserted the area was. We cozied up on a bench and “oohed and aahed” as the stone changed colors. I honestly can’t think of a more perfect ending to our time in the Red Center.


Brilliant colors and shadows

Changing colors

Stunning colors at sunset


We had Uluru all to ourselves

The next day’s drive would take us into South Australia and a reunion with one of our teaching friends in Adelaide. I’ll probably be delayed in getting started on my next series because there’s some big changes coming that I’m excited to share with you soon. So stay tuned!


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