Fun in the sun

Watched these boys have a blast on this slide during the holiday weekend in Taiping. It was great to see them bound up and down the slide without a care in the world.

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Favorite Photo Friday: Playtime


High noon

Normally, the middle of the day is deemed a bad time to take pictures, with harsh, overhead light, but since we slept in a little on our first day in Taiping we left ourselves no choice. Of our pictures that afternoon, this shot of an eerily quiet intersection, with the weatherworn building in the background was an absolute standout.

Favorite Photo Friday, Malaysia, Photography

Favorite Photo Friday: High Noon on Quiet Streets


Art in an abandoned house

We stumbled upon this graffiti art in the derelict remains of an old mansion outside the main strip in Melaka. The old house was full of different pieces, but this face was undoubtedly the highlight of our discoveries.

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Favorite Photo Friday: Hidden Surprises


Traffic jam

Apparently traffic really only wants to go one way on this major road in Yangon.

Favorite Photo Friday, Myanmar, Photography

Favorite Photo Friday: Traffic Jam

Favorite Photo Friday, Myanmar, Photography

Favorite Photo Friday: Waiting on Customers

Bored at work

Shopping at Mingalar Market near Inle Lake we wandered by numerous stalls filled with brightly colored longyis.  The range of colors and patterns available was stunning. Finally, after walking through the market a few times we gave into temptation and bought some longyis to bring back as gifts.

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Favorite Photo Friday: Drying Off


Brown Pelican stretching to dry its feathers

Pelicans have always fascinated me, from their odd shaped head to the way they majestically glide inches above the water. This boat dock in Sarasota held a large congregation of birds as it seems that some boaters will feed them. We snapped a few shots around the area, but this one picture caught my eye because of the unique pattern on the pelican’s back and the way the feathers leading to its wings are puffed out.

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Favorite Photo Friday: Golden Temple

Golden Temple

The Golden Temple, rising up from the middle of the old town in Shangri-La