Traffic jam

Apparently traffic really only wants to go one way on this major road in Yangon.

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Favorite Photo Friday: Traffic Jam


Old and newHanging onOpen air busCatching a ride

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Wordless Wednesday: Buses in Yangon

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Favorite Photo Friday: Waiting on Customers

Bored at work

Shopping at Mingalar Market near Inle Lake we wandered by numerous stalls filled with brightly colored longyis. ย The range of colors and patterns available was stunning. Finally, after walking through the market a few times we gave into temptation and bought some longyis to bring back as gifts.


Firework Show

We went to a firework show this weekend and decided to bring along the camera and try my hand at capturing some interesting images. I ended up with a few that I’m really happy with and decided to share them there.

Happy 4th of July wherever you are!!


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Entering South Australia

South AustraliaKulgera PubIf the Outback looked sparse in the Northern Territory, South Australia took it to a whole new level. The trees and rocky outcroppings gave way to a completely flat, empty landscape. My eyes started to get tired as there was nothing to focus on, just miles of straight road and nothingness. The landscape, however, made it easy to spot wildlife, as we saw several groups of emus, but we didn’t see any camels unfortunately.Off RoadSandy paths

Sunset SAJump!We blitzed through the area, as we were anxious to return our car in time and were also excited about seeing friends in Adelaide. We only spent one night in between Uluru and Adelaide and that was in Coober Pedy, which I wrote about here. During our drive we did make one detour to see Lake Hart, which is a giant salt lake right off the Stuart Highway. The sun was blazing that day, so it was incredible to see this huge flat expanse glittering in the sunlight. Next up, I’ll post about our time spent in Adelaide and then on to The Great Ocean Road!

Lake Hart

Exploring Lake Hart

Lake Hart2

Blinding white of Lake Hart

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Delta

This week’s photo challenge made me look back at some of my pictures of deltas and these pictures we took in an area near the Gold Coast caught my attention. They show the change that can take place within a short distance. In one area you have waves crashing along the shore and propelling surfers through their wake and just a few feet away you can have almost mirror calm water that makes paddle boarding seem effortless.

Milky wavesSurfersCalmPaddleboard

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Favorite Photo Friday: Drying Off


Brown Pelican stretching to dry its feathers

Pelicans have always fascinated me, from their odd shaped head to the way they majestically glide inches above the water. This boat dock in Sarasota held a large congregation of birds as it seems that some boaters will feed them. We snapped a few shots around the area, but this one picture caught my eye because of the unique pattern on the pelican’s back and the way the feathers leading to its wings are puffed out.