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Settling in Malaysia

I can’t believe we’ve been in Malaysia for three weeks! It would be quite the understatement to say that we’ve been busy. For the first two weeks all of our time was taken up either at my new job receiving training and preparing for the new school year or finding an apartment and getting everything set up. We’re still not even fully settled in the apartment yet, half our belongings are strew around the spare room and our wi-fi won’t even be installed until next week(thank goodness for mobile hotspots).

All in all, though, it’s been an incredible experience. The group of new staff I came in with have been ace and are really the first friends we made since we spent so much time together in the beginning. The school is impressive, with how passionate all of the staff are and how engaged the students are. The apartment we choose is massive, more space than we need, but after not having our own place for the past year, spreading out has been marvelous. Eventually, I’ll post some type of tour once the dust has settled.

The people we have encountered have all been super friendly and helpful. Frequently the people we meet can speak English, so that’s made life much easier for us compared to our transition in China. I’m still getting used to everyone driving on the “wrong” side of the road here and I’m always forgetting which way traffic will be coming at us as we’re walking around.

Sadly, we haven’t had too much time for exploring, but we plan to rectify that during the next two weekends. So hopefully my next post will include some nice exploration pictures with some travel details and I hope to start posting more regularly now that we’re at least home.


Today’s the day! All our bags are packed, all of our goodbyes are said, and we’re sitting in the airport waiting for our transpacific flight. These past 8 months at home with friends and family have been wonderful. We’ve enjoyed the time we spent together. Now on to a new phase of our lives. New experiences are waiting for us and we intend to make the most of them.

I hope to get in a regular schedule of posting once we get settled in KL. Until then, here’s hoping for smooth travel and a comfortable hotel bed 25 hours in the future.

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Moving Day


I’ve accepted a counseling position with an international school in Kuala Lumpur. My wife and I are totally pumped for this new chapter in our lives. We spent a few days in KL during our “Funemployment” trip in November and loved the energetic vibe of the city, the mix of cultures, and the exquisite food options. Now we’ll get to explore the city and the country more in depth and share it with you, my faithful readers.


What this means in the short term is changes in my posting and frequency of posts. We leave in about three weeks and in that time we have to move all of our stuff, shop for things we need to bring with us, catch up with friends and family, and all the other things I’m forgetting. In addition to all that, we celebrate 10 YEARS(!!) of marriage next week, so that’s a few days out of the schedule.


In the long term I’m looking at making some changes to the blog and this move abroad provides a nice fresh start to make changes. I’m still going through some of my options to choose what I think would fit me best moving forward, but I’ll try to keep you updated.

Architecture in KL

Anyone else out there with exciting news that they want to share? I’d love to hear about it in the comments down below.

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Exciting News: The Counselor is on the move!


What if…

Just about this time two years ago, was the time when we decided to go from someday to now. It stretched our boundaries and pushed who we are. We had talked about it in one way or another over the previous four or five years. It always sounded so exotic. “Let’s move to another country. We could teach English and travel around.” There would be a trill of excitement and then the fall as we remember some barrier. “Yeah, but I need to finish school.” or “I’m still a year away from my license and I don’t want to start over.” So moving abroad was always left to Someday.

Then it dawned on me one day that if we never put the plan in motion, if we never researched where we would work or where we could live, Someday would never come. So to welcome 2014, I looked at our situation. I had finished my licensure, so it was set for three years at least and my wife had just finished her reading endorsement for teaching, so for the first time in our six and a half years of marriage we were both working with no extra responsibilities. So we gathered up all of our courage and leapt, knowing that if we didn’t our Someday would become a “what if” when we reflected back on our life.

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