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Entering South Australia

South AustraliaKulgera PubIf the Outback looked sparse in the Northern Territory, South Australia took it to a whole new level. The trees and rocky outcroppings gave way to a completely flat, empty landscape. My eyes started to get tired as there was nothing to focus on, just miles of straight road and nothingness. The landscape, however, made it easy to spot wildlife, as we saw several groups of emus, but we didn’t see any camels unfortunately.Off RoadSandy paths

Sunset SAJump!We blitzed through the area, as we were anxious to return our car in time and were also excited about seeing friends in Adelaide. We only spent one night in between Uluru and Adelaide and that was in Coober Pedy, which I wrote about here. During our drive we did make one detour to see Lake Hart, which is a giant salt lake right off the Stuart Highway. The sun was blazing that day, so it was incredible to see this huge flat expanse glittering in the sunlight. Next up, I’ll post about our time spent in Adelaide and then on to The Great Ocean Road!

Lake Hart

Exploring Lake Hart

Lake Hart2

Blinding white of Lake Hart

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WPC: Danger Unmarked Holes!

While traveling from Alice Springs to Adelaide we spent a night in Coober Pedy, the opal capital of the world. The whole area was almost surreal. We had been driving for hours through some of the flattest country I’ve ever seen, with almost nothing breaking the monotony and then out of nowhere appeared this city.

Underground B&BOnce you spend some time around the city you realize quite a bit of it is actually underground, which they promote proudly. Apparently the residences were built underground due to the searing daytime heat. Makes you wonder how tough you need to be to choose this place in the middle of nowhere as your home.


In the morning we toured a few mines, took some pictures, and headed on our way. Just as we were leaving town I spotted this sign warning of Danger! It was obviously put up to warn tourists, unless locals walk around backwards with cameras. I thought the camera figure with its leg dangling in midair headed for sudden doom struck such an interesting picture. Plus, really how often do you see signs warning against walking backwards. So all you camera wielding travelers be careful out there!Bearded dragon